7 Important HTML Coding Advice for Beginners

7 Important HTML Coding Advice for Beginners


There are many coders who started there learning with HTML and determined to be a web developer or designer. But, many times they don’t do the correct things that are very important for any developer or designer. To be a Professional they must do those things.

Today, I am going to explain all of those things in 7 steps. I have researched it a lot and found out seven important notes for beginners.


Choosing A Great Editor

A good code editor will save your 20% – 30% time. Therefore, choosing a good code editor is very important. There are a lot of good code editors like Coda, Brackets, Sublime Text or Netbeans. So, choose a good code editor that fits for you.


Learning Every Tag

When someone started there learning of HTML, many of them leave some of the tags thinking those less important or not important. No one should do that. Every tag is important maybe some of them not be used so often but still, they are important in professional working time. It saves time when will be working on real-life and make the make best practices.


Declaring Doctype

Declaring Doctype is one of the best practices. Some of them may have noticed that it doesn’t do anything. But it actually does. It tells the browser about the version of HTML. Present version of HTML is HTML5. And we declare that as <!DOCTYPE html>. This makes the application more browser friendly. Therefore use this to be a good developer/designer.


Loading CSS and JS Files

It is very often that beginners make these mistakes. They may load the CSS and js files in the header or on the top <head></head> tag. But, Every CSS files are should be loaded in <head></head> the tag. And most of the JS files should be loaded in the <footer></footer> tag.


Create Default Design for Every Tag

Creating a default design is compulsory. Every beginner should remember that creating a default design for any tag is very important. As an example, suppose that for any unordered list you do not want bullets. So you may style it as list-style: none; But, though you are not using the bullets it doesn’t mean that your client or admin won’t use that for any reason. Therefore create a default design for every tag that holds the great chance to make the client satisfied.


Don’t Use Inline Design

Though the inline design doesn’t make any big difference in a design. But, No one should do that. It is not only a bad practice but also it destroys the beauty of code. And sometimes it can make other developers confused when they will want to do something with your codes.


Targeting the IE

When you have learned or learning HTML, you already should know that Internet Explorer (IE) behaves a little differently than others. So you should learn how to target IE. Because your codes always should be perfect with every browser. If you don’t know how to do it, learn it now(YT).


Learn PS

For web designers learning photoshop (PS) is compulsory. They should learn at least the basics of PS. To create mockups for a client or to convert any given PS design to HTML or WordPress you should know PS. You may need Photoshop to resize or minimize your image. That helps your application to be faster.


Stay Connected With Communities

You should be connected with web design or developing communities to keep yourself up to date with knowledge. Learn from the seniors and gain knowledge from their experience. Stackoverflow, quora are good online communities to help you all the time.