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Sun's Source of Energy - App Atlantis

The Sun’s Energy – What is the source of Sun’s Energy | Complete Explanation in 5 Minutes

Sun’s Energy – Introduction The Sun’s Energy. If you were to ask the next five people you meet, “What is the most important object in the sky?,” most people would say our Sun. The reasons for the Sun’s importance are many, including that it provides light to warm Earth’s surface, it provides the energy that […]

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life on mars - App Atlantis

Life on Mars – Is Life Really Possible on Mars? | Life & Mars Mystery, Explained in 10 Minutes

Introduction Life on Mars, a great quest of life in modern times. If life evolved on Earth from nonliving organic molecules, might the same process have taken place elsewhere in our solar system? Scientists have carefully scrutinized the planets and satellites in an attempt to answer this question, and most of the answers so far […]

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Earth's Magnetic Field - App Atlantis

Earth’s Magnetic Field – How Magnetosphere Protects Life of Earth | Explained in 5 Minutes

Introduction The Earth’s magnetic field is Magnetosphere. The extent of a planet’s dynamic resurfacing due to plate tectonics provides indirect evidence about whether it still has a molten interior. But another, more direct tool for probing the interior of Earth is an ordinary compass, which senses the magnetic field outside our planet. Magnetic field measurements […]

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Tectonic Plates and Continents - App Atlantis

How Tectonic Plates Work & How Continents are Made – Explained in 5 Minutes

Introduction Tectonic Plate study is a Fantastic topic of modern Earth Science. When looking at the shape of the ocean between the continents of Africa and South America, one naturally wonders if the two continents were closer together in the past. What evidence would you need to be convinced that the two were at one […]

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Eclipse Mystery App Atlantis

Eclipse Mystery – Learn In-depth of Lunar & Solar Eclipse in 10 Minutes

Introduction From time to time the Sun, Earth, and Moon all happen to lie along a straight line. When this occurs, the shadow of the Earth can fall on the Moon or the shadow of the Moon can fall on the Earth. Such phenomena are called eclipses. They are perhaps the most dramatic astronomical events […]

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Drake Equation App Atlantis

Drake Equation & Life Mystery of The Universe – Explained in 10 Minutes

Life in The Universe & The Drake Equation The Drake Equation. Our universe is suitable for life. How widespread will it be? We suspect that the vast majority of life forms will have the same basic chemistry as our carbon-based life. The elements that play a major role in our chemistry (carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen) […]

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Dark Energy Future of The Universe - App Atlantis

What is Future of The Universe – Dark Energy & Fate of The Universe

Cosmological Constant and Future of The Universe The cosmological constant is the simplest solution to the problem of cosmic acceleration with just one number successfully explaining a variety of observations and has become an essential feature in the current standard model of cosmology. It is called the lambda–cold dark matter model, as it incorporates both […]

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How aurora is created - App Atlantis

How Aurora is Created – Solar Wind to Aurora Explained in 5 Minutes

The Aurora – Introduction One beautiful manifestation of the interaction of the solar wind with our atmosphere is coloured light displays observed in the night sky. They are most often seen within a band centred on the north and south magnetic poles and are known as the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, respectively. (Aurora is […]

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Theory of Relativity App Atlantis

Theory of Relativity – Relativistic Gravity Explained in 5 Minutes

Special Theory of Relativity In 1905, Albert Einstein published his paper on the Special Theory of Relativity. One consequence of this theory was that nothing could travel through space faster than the speed of light. This extended beyond material things: information and the effects of force fields were included too. Einstein realized that this was […]

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Formation of Solar System - App Atlantis

Formation of Solar System – A Story From Dust to Gold

Formation of Solar System – Introduction The formation of the Solar System is a story of ourselves. It is believed from studies of meteorites – remnants of the early Solar System – that our Sun and planets formed some 4.6 billion years ago from what is called a giant molecular cloud. The gas and dust […]

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Dark Energy Mystery - App Atlantis

Dark Energy Mystery – The Unseen Black Power of The Universe

Introduction Normal and dark matter can between them account for some 27% of the total mass/energy of the universe. It appears that the majority, some 73%, must be something else. It is thought to be a form of energy latent within space itself that is totally uniform throughout space. In fact, this could be exactly […]

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