Ajax could be a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database while not the necessity for a postback or an entire page refresh. The best definition I’ve scan for Ajax is “the methodology of exchanging information with a server, and change components of an internet page – while not reloading the whole page.”

Ajax itself is usually a generic term for varied JavaScript techniques won’t to hook up with an internet server dynamically while not essentially loading multiple pages. In a a lot of narrowly-defined sense, it refers to the employment of XmlHttpRequest objects to act with an internet server dynamically via JavaScript.

After this course you learn

  1. Ajax Basic with xml, js and php
  2. Complete coding basics of Ajax
  3. Everything you need to know to develop Ajax Application
  4. Developing ajax application from Scratch
  5. Complete development project with Ajax

In the end you will learn everything you need to learn to develop Ajax.