Android Dev


Android right at this moment, the largest and the rapid developing apps playground. For anyone, it is really amazing to be able to build android application. After which you can make money like never before if you do things correctly.

There are many things that are important in Android application development but there are some things that are must without which you will not be able to make application and one of that thing is Coding. Obviously, if you want to make an application whether it is Android or iOS then you should know to code. If an application is a human body then coding acts like it’s brain so without coding there can’t be an application.

  • Extensive Java programming language
  • Introduction to Android, installing Android Studio.
  • Create your first Android Application, learn to debug the application and learn how to create a signed APK that you can submit to the play store.
  • Working with implicit and explicit intents
  • Detailed example of how to work with Fragments
  • Learn some customizations like a custom ListView, Toast, TextView and ActionBar
  • Learn how to save data to the phone in the form of SharedPreferences, Files and SQLite
  • Learn how to implement Android 6 Permissions
  • Read data from a RSS feed and sending SMSes programmatically
  • Learn how to save data online and do user management with Backendless (MBAAS)

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