Angular JS Dev


AngularJS is that the most most popular framework for building artistic elements of the web site. As it is that the variety of JavaScript, it had been designed as a full-featured JavaScript framework to boost simplicity and efficiency.

Developers realize AngularJS amazingly effective in terms of making dynamic, single page application, and supporting MVC(Model-View-Controller) programming structure. At a gift span of your time, within the competitive business setting, AngularJS development has emerged because the superhero because of its intuitiveness and made options.

After this course you will learn

  1. Basic of angular JS
  2. Complete coding syntax
  3. MVC with Angular
  4. Services and dependecies
  5. Data binding and directives
  6. Single page application building and many more

To get started and coding like pro this is the best course you would ever have. And this is the best $5 angular course ever