ASP.Net developers are always more appreciated and valued around the globe. ASP.NET developers always earn more than other developers of different platforms. Working as a good developer is more important than what a developer know and understand. Implementation is the most important while we work with any development platform. Here comes the best way doing development, the MVC.

In this course you get the complete training of MVC, based on ASP.NET. If you are already have basic or intermediate level of experience, this course is for you. App Atlantis has brought to you world famous and a perfect course for you just at $5 powered by lynda.

Here is what you learn from this course

  1. Actions
  2. Routing
  3. Selectors
  4. Filters
  5. Razor
  6. Layouts building
  7. Model
  8. Validating
  9. Entity
  10. Migrations
  11. OWIN
  12. Identity, Roles, Assingments, Unit
  13. Creating
  14. Mocking
  15. Unobtrusive
  16. Knckout
  17. Azure, App Harbor etc. and many more.

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