React Native Dev


One of the foremost vital things regarding React Native is that you simply will employ the code that you simply engineered for various operating systems (iOS, Android). It means that operating in one framework for multiple platforms. It’s a quick growing framework, too.
Thanks to its ready-to-apply parts it’s quicker to create – even thirty third quicker e.g. compared to Swift. Thus, for your business it means that some savings in each cash & time.

What is additional, being terribly near to Facebook, it will get pleasure from Facebook’s regular updates. Another special feature is hot reloading, that lets the developer see changes happen live as they modify the app’s UI code, while not waiting to re-launch the app.

After taking this course you will learn

  1. Complete basics of React Native
  2. Basic Programming With React Native
  3. Designing mobile application with React Native
  4. Developing with React Native
  5. Developing intermediate level application with React Native
  6. Developing Android, iOS and UWP Application