Failing again and again in software development job? What should you do?

You are unsuccessful in more then 10 interviews. Ah! What should you do?

Yeah, you most likely shouldn’t be a computer code developer. Because you ‘quit’ so easily.

You should quit even after you are unsuccessful in a hundred interviews and not get one offer. You should quit once you’ve re-read your algorithms and data structures book and it hasn’t helped you get employed.
You should quit once you’ve done one hundred of the programming test questions that you simply will find everywhere on the internet over and over till you’ll be able to confidently write out the code on a whiteboard. (There aren’t such a large amount of sensible interview questions out there that you simply can not be successful by simply memorizing answers).

You’ll fail because God’s own candidate simply interviewed the previous week, with a lot of skills and ideal expertise, thus there’s no chance that you’ll be able to compete. You’ll fail when answering the questions properly, as a result of the next candidate likes to speak sports and so does the hiring manager. The corporate may shut the assistance wished request before your piteous asker will cause you to a proposal. The organization might be trolling for super-coders, with no real job in mind, in order that you never had an opportunity in the initial place. It’s what they are doing. If you let corporate stupidity defeat you, you’re already doomed in this world.

Yeah, sure, if you screwed up on algorithms questions, head home after the interview and quickly write down the question before you forget. Then solve the matter. Use your textbooks and also the web if you would like to. Write the code, make it run. You’ll never do that mistake ever again.

It doesn’t matter how many times you failed. More you fail, more you approach to success.