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Tips after 8 ball pool old version

So perhaps you’ve simply started this after 8 ball pool old version for the primary time or simply wish to find out a couple of new tricks to enhance your game or may be to get , well we’ve got you lined. We’ve also included some questions we get asked a lot on our Facebook pages and on Twitter.
We’ve even got tips from the best: M A G I C C U E, Kunal908 and G A R Y have sent us their advice on how to become a top Quick Fire 8 Ball Pool Pool player.

Quick Fire 8 Ball Pool game mechanics

If you get to interrupt off, you’ll be able to move the billiard ball anyplace within the board to the left of the white line. If you pot one of more balls during your break you get another turn. However, the table will remain “open” so you can choose if you want pot the spots or stripes.
However, any noticed or striped balls potted throughout the break won’t count till you pot either pattern throughout your next flip. If you pot the cue ball on your break, the opponent gets a ball in hand.

Having a ball in hand

You will be ready to move the cue ball anyplace on the table. Hover the mouse over the billiard ball and it’ll modification to a hand symbol for you to select the ball up.

Using spin

Spin will assist you higher position the billiard ball once you’ve taken an attempt, setting you up for your next one. You can additionally use it to snooker your opponent or stop you from potting the billiard ball on your turn.
You can place spin on the ball by moving the red symbol on the billiard ball together with your mouse or victimization the arrow keys. That will cause the ball to spin in this direction once it’s hit a ball.
On Mobile, all you wish to try to to is faucet the billiard ball within the high right of the screen and move the red circle to use spin in this direction.

There are lot of 8 ball pool reward which will help you to play bigger game here.

Spin & Win

Spin the wheel to win a range of prizes. The top prizes are pretty rare, however thousands of Lucky Cues are won every day! You get one free spin day after day you log in.

Scratch & Win

Scratch the cards to match three and win massive. Not each card may be a winner, however the prizes tend to be on top of Spin & Win.

Hi-Lo 8 ball pool reward

Guess if subsequent range can higher or lower – you’ll be able to win up to 250k coins! You can cash out anytime over 500 coins.

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