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About Calabash Bros Armor Games

If you are obsessed with cutesy tower armor games like Kingdom Rush and Demons vs Fairyland, Leyougames’ Calabash Bros are going to be right up your alley. You manage a military of small, lovable warriors defending their land from monsters who are attacking land… well, as Zefrank would probably tell you, that’s what monsters do.

How to Play Calabash Bros

In every level of this armor games, your goal is to stay the enemy forces from reaching the top of the trail, since each time they are doing, you lose hit points. To stop them, you click on the platforms aboard the pathway and place towers with the gold you earn from defeating your foes. Each tower is different, such as the Barracks that spawns soldiers who will attack anything that comes near, and the Magic Tower that can quickly zap enemies from a distance. And each tower can be upgraded during a level for even more power and abilities as well.
If you would like to assist out manually, you’ll be able to even cast spells on enemy units, like fireballs and lightning. When you win A level, select “back” instead of “continue” and visit the upgrades screen from the extent map to spend your golden gourds on for good enhancing your defenses. Looking for a challenge? In addition to your standard difficulty modes, Calabash Bros also allows you to play levels on “random” after winning them once, which chooses and places towers for you… completely at random!

More About This Armor Games

Calabash Bros is one of those armor games that doesn’t really do much the genre hasn’t seen before, but stands firmly on solid ground and offers up a beautiful presentation to boot. Towers have a satisfying range of upgrades out there that allow you adapt your strategy to anything you are facing, and therefore the interface is clean and simple to use. What’s neat is that once upgrading to level 3 during A level, towers even have spells you can purchase for them.
On most problem levels, a Magic Tower is sort of ridiculously powerful once you have place some gourd points into them and upgraded them. They hit quick, have a giant range, and once you have the skill that allows them to ignore enemy armor, you sort of feel like you should be backlit by lightning, happy maniacally in picture, whereas Ride of the Valkyries plays as monsters drop like flies. On higher difficulties and later levels, however, you’ll have to think a lot of strategically regarding tower varieties and placement to take care of increasing enemy power and numbers. Calabash Bros could be a solid and satisfying very little tower ”armor games” that will feel acquainted, however can still supply a pleasant chunk of addictive gameplay for fans.

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