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Destruction Games Cartapult – About

Destruction Games Cartapult is an amazing cartapult game in which you get the opportunity to cause chaos in the inner city. Destruction Games Cartapult is the game for those with rubber to burn! The amazing scenes of destruction gives player an ultimate feel of a real destruction games.

Have fun destroying the city as you choose your targets and fire to destroy, burn and have it all. The more destruction that you can cause with the gasoline filled barrels, the more points that you can gain. Pick high value objects like towers, building, stands etc. And targets to really grow up your score. Enjoy this arcade game and every bit of destruction that comes with it. Have fun!

How to play Cartapult

Use left, right, top and down wasd to move the destruction car all around. Move left and right rightleft arrow to aim any target that you want to destroy. Always target the big. Where you can gain more and more ”Cartapult” points. And rank higher in worldwide Cartapult ranking. Aiming is very important cause if you can not be able to aim correctly your all chance will be gone. Damage as much as you can in every target with full power potential. Use Space space button in your keyboard to Aim and fire to your target. You can use’Z’ Button as well for for firing the car.

And also use shift button to add gas cans so that you can them to gain even more points using them. Gain bonus points and check everyday for bonus points, gain more and more, and become top of the list in the world.

This a one and only destruction games to give you real enjoyment of destruction. And you can get with all points, reward and bonus in Atlantis Play. And this is the best destruction game ever.

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