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Commando Army Games – Commando 2 About

Commndo army games, commando 2, is an awesome classic battle commando games. It is very much like metal slug with easy control of your mouse and keyboard. No joystick or extra game controller is necessary.  The game is created with extra ordinary cartoon graphics with great fun actions. The enemies are very quick and bad guys.

Unlike many other commando army games, this games is much more faster and modern computer compatible. Metal slug was the one of the king of early battle games. And this games by miniclips has extraordinary stages.

Background of This Commando Army Games

Our hero continues to take on the Axis powers during this action-packed sequel to the primary Commando game, with a lot of missions, a lot of enemies and larger artillery. Fresh from the Battle of European country, Commando heads to the battles of Asia to fight through Asian nation and China. The battle is on and on with classic fire and shooter. All of the scene are enjoyable. ✨

Unlock an expansive set of weapons and arm Commando with up to 6 at once. Get going – the War in the Pacific is just getting started!

How to play Commando 2

Use ‘A’ and ‘D’ wasd arrow to move your player back and forth to head the enemies. And use ‘W’ and ‘S’ wasd arrow to dump up and down. And move the player all over. Use move mouse mouse to aim your shot to your enemies. And the left mouse button left mouse button to shoot your enemies. To change weapon use the ‘Q’ and ‘E’ button.

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