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Background of Battle Games – Forest Siege

Forest siege is a battle games and a fantasy-themed real strategy game. With a limited food supply, you must recruit soldiers to fight enemies that are trying to destroy your crystal. Win the battle by withstanding a certain number of waves or destroying the enemy’s crystal. After every battle, you can equip and level up units.

Manage your great army in this epic campaign across the fantasy land of Forest Siege. Recruit troopers, fight in battles and conquer new areas. There are different type of troops in your arm force. All of them has different power and attacking strategy and type. There are different level of armies to defend enemies.

Defend your forest with your own armies and war plan. There are limit of numbers how much you can put for battle and also time limit for how much you put each time. It is an amazing game with great fun.

How to Play Battle games – Forest Siege

game control is very easy in this forest siege ”battle games”. Use mouse left button to march your armies in the battle field of forest siege. In each click there will be set of armies on march. And after a limited time duration you can put your armies to fight. In each level to complete your armies have approach forward until can get to the final point of the enemies which your armies can siege and gain the territory. And then your level will be completed and new level will get started. higher the level you get more complicated and adventures you will face. It is an amazing ”forest siege” to have great test of classic battle games.

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