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History of this Helicopter Driving Games

Classic playroom reviews APACHE OVERKILL a great helicopter driving games or an army helicopter games online. This is the best best ”helicopter driving games” you could ever find on internet. A metal slug type game that gives you an amazing classic gaming experience online.

About this games

Apache Overkill, shooting helicopter games is a facet scrolling shooter, or SHMUP, that has an old-school repetitive vogue like early 80’s classics like Vanguard and Planet Patrol. Moreover, Fans of arcade vogue purpose evaluation could get a thrill out of Apache Overkill’s clear-cut gameplay and health pack survival system. This CGR review of Apache Overkill for Playstation three and PSP has gameplay.

Apache Overkill is AN intense whirlybird shoot-em-up with ninety nine levels of non-stop explosive action.
And blast away waves of choppers, trucks, jets, and tanks before facing the bombers, armored airships and Special Ops. Additionally, use upgrades to spice up your military strength, blitzing the enemy in an exceedingly torrent of destruction.

How to play this Army Helicopter Games

This helicopter game is incredibly easy to play. After you start the game use up down left right keys to move your helicopter any where you wish. You can move up down or forward backward. And save yourself from getting touched by bullets that comes out from your enemies. Also very important don’t let your helicopter touch your enemy vehicles. And never miss even a single enemy to kill.

Use your ‘Z’ and ‘X’ button to shoot your enemies and destroy them all. And gain more and more points. In the end every level or stage there is a Boss or Grand Enemy will come to destroy you in any way.

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