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Physics games – Fragger Lost City | About

Fragger Lost City is a nice 2D physics games that throws the bomb in projectile destroy the idols. There are several elements that form components of simulation of this physics games including the physics engine, program code that is used to simulate projectile games physics within the environment, and collision detection used to solve the problem of determining when any two or more physical objects in the environment cross each other’s path. Based on this kind of Newtonian physics fac this games was made.

Throw grenades at your targets. Set the ability of the throwing and aiming by moving the mouse. Click to throw the grenades and destroy your targets! Fragger Lost City has come back with thirty new levels of grenade-blasting fun!Enjoy new physics-based challenges and take a look at out the iPhone version for additional levels! Fragger Lost City needs correct projectile of angle and motion to hit the target. To finish a single level one must destroy all of the idols or statues.

How to play Fragger Lost City

How do you play this nice physics games? Playing rules is pretty straight forward and simple. To destroy the idols or statues you must follow the physics game rules. Target and set the power of trowing your bomb toward the idol by using move mouse mouse.  With right click of your mouse button fire the grenade toward the idol. Us space button to cancel your thrown bomb. And to retry the level twice use ‘R’ button.

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