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Stealth Sniper 2 About

Your mission in Stealth Sniper 2: to eliminate criminals.

Your weapon: a sniper rifle.

Be careful not to alert your targets! If they become too alert or manage to induce away, you will fail the mission. Become one of the elite snipers of the country and eliminate all targets quickly and quietly.

Upgrade your gun and shoot down the terrorists from miles and away in concealing sharpshooter 2! Hide, snipe, and avoid being detected! Shoot down red barrels to eliminate multiple targets at once!Stealth sniper two is a continuation of the primary concealing sniper games.

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Stealth sniper 2 has higher graphics, more optimized game play, and more challenging levels. Try to snipe out all targets while avoiding detection. Hide and stealthy kill your targets one by one before your cover is blown. Eliminate those who sees you before they reach for the alarm! Use the focus mode to initiate a slow motion and make your moving target easier to shoot. Buy a new sniper rifle to get the job done quicker and cleaner.In this online game you carry a sniper weapon with which you have to shoot all the criminals.

Be very careful not to get noticed because they could quickly disappear. The best way is to shoot them in the head. The criminals mustn’t see the ones you have already killed. When the sound of the sirens can be heard, your missions is over. Stealth Sniper 2 Game is the second sequel of amazing first part, which features new missions, improved game play and a lot of new weapons that you can upgrade.

Good luck !

How to Play Stealth Sniper 2

Use the mouse move mouse to aim your enemy in ”Stealth Sniper 2”.

Click in left button of your mouse left mouse button to shoot your enemies. Use ‘E’ to target the enemy by zooming and ‘R’ to Reload. And use space button space to focus on enemy.

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