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Turbo racing 3 About

Turbo racing 3 speeds this prime sport series to the streets of Shanghai. Put the pedal to the metal and accelerate into oncoming traffic whereas processing through speed traps. Use the turbo boost to depart opponents eating your dirt and avoid elimination at the checkpoints.

Complete all 3 challenges for each track to unlock hot new look for your car. Don’t forget to gather coins while racing to get further points!

In Turbo racing 3 you get to compete in races within the streets of Shanghai. Can you avoid elimination at all the checkpoints? Drive into oncoming traffic while blowing through speed traps. Leave opponents behind by using the turbo boosts at the right times. Unlock new looks by completing all 3 challenges for each track!

More Information

This is an amusing 3D driving game. You can check it out on in your browser. The game is built with WebGL technology to work without trouble in most browsers.

Move the upper gear and rush at full speed through the streets of Shanghai in this car game where you’ll face 5 other competitors in thrilling races where the last will be eliminated at each checkpoint. Drive against traffic, go through speed traps faster than 180 km/h and use your turbo boost to outrun your opponents. Turbo Racing 3 Shanghai has breathtaking 3D graphics, sound effects and animation and Miniclip offers us there one of the best games in the genre of this season.

How to play Turbo Racing 3

Use arrows up, down, left and right buttons to drive your car. And use the button ‘X’ to boost.

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