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Western Front 1914 – About

Western Front 1914 is a cool shooting game. Blow the enemy to items as you battle your approach across the ruins of the Western Front! World War I has just broken out, and it’s up to you to capture occupied territory during a series of missions. The games is powered by Miniclip.

Don’t forget to stay an eye fixed on the sky – ground troops aren’t the sole forces gunning for you.This action-packed simulation is filled with enemies and explosions. You’ll need to use all the weapons at your disposal to single-handed win the battles of the front lines! Blow the enemy to pieces as you battle your way across the ruins of the Western Front 1914!

More information about this game

World war began, and your task will be to gain territory, which is currently controlled by several well-armed enemies. Start therefore a dangerous mission, kill all the enemies and come back as a hero. It has the following words associated with it by the players through the most common search queries: ”western front 1914”, shooter, action, adventure, soldier, enemies, weapons, guns, battle, upgrades. Play only at Atlantis Play.

How to play Western Front 1914

Playing Western Front 1914 is very easy. Use wasd up, down, left and right arrow keys to move your hero. And use mouse move mouse to aim your enemy to shoot. And shoot your enemy by left mouse button right click of your mouse button. Use ‘Q’ Button to change weapon. And use space space button for special attack.  As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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