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Zomball – About The Game

Zomball is a fun arcade game in which you play as a teenage zombie with a dream to become the next Lebron James. Your basketball skills will be put to the test but not in the traditional way, rather than shooting a basketball you will use your body parts to throw!

Each time you shoot a body part it will return to you if it lands through the hoop; if it does not then, you will use another body part until you eventually run out altogether. The further you get the harder each shot will be in Zomball. Control the power and angle to try and make the shot. Have fun!

A basketball game of bone-breaking skill and agility. Throw your own zombified body elements into the ring of Skulls to climb ever higher on the Skull cano of Doom.

More Information About The Game

Zomball is published officially by Miniclips. And the game has become widely popular after publishing. In Atlantis Play you will be able play this game in large view without interruption of other garbage unlike many other gaming sites.

How to Play Zomball

The main target here is putting the zombie kid’s body parts in the basket like a basket ball. Use as less parts as you can to accomplish your basket ball target. To do that use the projectile physics to aim and choose your force on it to gain the target. Use mouse to swipe toward the basket ball so that you can get the ”zomball’ in.

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