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About Zombie Choppa

Zombie Choppa a rescue pilot in the zombie apocalypse, guide the Rescue Chopper towards the red flares to pick up survivors and transport them back to a safe-zone helipad but beware of the zombies which is able to try and grab hold of your chopper and stop you from flying. Use your flying skills to shake them off and regain control of your helicopter.

Zombie Choppa is a fantastic game that presents a unique twist on the zombie apocalypse genre. Forget about fighting on the streets with weapons against hordes of zombies, you instead control a chopper helicopter and it is your job to airlift citizens out of the city to escape the approaching zombies!

You must head towards the red flare zone and try to land safely on the designated spot – pick up as many citizens as you can and take off again. This might sound easy but the zombies are approaching and they will attempt to jump onto your helicopter to drag you down into the streets below! Can you become a saviour of mankind and rescue hundreds of standard citizens from the zombie outbreak?


  • A cool helicopter game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse time
  • Your mission is to rescue survivors across the city
  • Zombies that can jump on your helicopter, imagine a scene from World War Z!
  • Day and night system
  • Different helipad locations

More Information About This Game

Zombie Choppa is an enjoyable zombie game. The game is made with WebGL to work without trouble in modern browsers. Zombie Choppa has received 9,225 plays and has been rated 8.8 / 10 with 153 votes. Did you like playing this driving game? Then also play our other zombie games or to DeadWalk.io and Zombs.

How to play Zombie Choppa

Use wasd up, down, left and right to move. And left mouse button right mouse button to Ascend Forward and right mouse button left mouse button Ascend Backward. Look around by move mouse . Look left by ‘Q’ keyboard button and Look right by ‘E’ keyboard button.

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