How to be a Full-Stack Web Developer by own self

Web development has been nowadays one of the major skills that anyone would like to learn for an IT job or for freelancing. More and more people are involving every day in hope of great earning. But just learning a few parts of web design or development doesn’t get you to the destination you expect. To earn and get appreciated by the Big Companies you must be smartest amongst the average.

There are at least 10+ different type of skill you required to excel in this field. But each and every courses takes time but in needs well order and discipline with regular practice every day. And to learn on your own is in some sense better than going to some institutions or trqining center. Because it saves your time and also money.

If you want to learn alone then it is really necessary to learn the steps you should follow and move forward. Here is the fact you you should follow. May be you copy and keep it to and move forward learning one after one.

Web Development consists of two major parts

  1. Front-end Developer
  2. Back-end Developer

Following are Steps To Become a great full-stack web Developer

Frontend Developer –

1. First, learn HTML Mark up & CSS – Become pro professional in this!
2. Learn CSS frameworks like Bootstrap four, Foundation & Material style.
3. Learn JavaScript – Become professional in this!
4. Now Build Some Static Websites using This Stack.
5. Learn about restful Apis
6. Learn about bootstrap.
7. Next is Frontend Frameworks learn anyone or all of them – Angular, React, Vue, Ember
8. Again Build projects With This, a minimum of three projects.
9. Learn about CMS and Learn WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

Backend Developer –

1. Understand the server and client communication.
2. Learn anyone of these scripting languages – PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby and C# (C sharp)
3. Implement CRUD operation projects with this, a minimum of two projects.
4. Learn their standard frameworks like JS=> ExpressJS, PHP=> Laravel
5. Build REST API with this scripting languages
6. Build Full Flagged Project as well as All What You Learned!


1. Learn about internet Hosting and differing kinds of Hosting
2. Signup on free internet hosting and deploy your project.
3. Now you learned how to deploy, now find out about setup paid hosting and domain names.
4. Buy Paid Hosting and domain name And Setup It.