Magento: Experts in development and maintenance

We are  experts in the development of online stores in Magento , as well as in their technical maintenance . It is our favorite technology or CMS for the sale of products or electronic commerce (eCommerce) . We like Magento for its great power, web positioning (SEO) and versatility.

Why do you need Magento for your online store?

Magento offers a large number of features and the ability to fully customize your eCommerce. It is characterized by the flexibility, agility, security, and power that it can give to any type of business.

The high scalability is the main reason that millions of companies choose for your Magento eCommerce. Magento supports all types of online stores, from the smallest to the largest and most demanding. It’s fast, modular, and customizable. In addition, Magento is designed to optimize.

Magento has total adaptability thanks to the installation of extensions or modules developed to satisfy the most demanding commercial demands. Additionally, it offers the best integration system for third-party components (integrated Google tools, payment methods, shipment tracking, etc.). In addition, Magento provides interesting SEO components to obtain a better ranking on the results pages in SERP search engines.

From a WPO perspective, Magento offers the best online store performance, thereby enhancing the user experience. Whatever the objectives you want to achieve in an eCommerce, Magento will cover them all.

Magento development services with App Atlantis

Magento is our favorite e-commerce platform. At App Atlantis, an expert Magento agency in online store development and maintenance, we have years of experience in creating custom Magento websites for both B2B and B2C. Our certified Magento expert developers will develop the perfect eCommerce adapted to the needs of your business.

We have made numerous customizations, custom module developments, custom designs, integrations with different ERPs and other systems according to the needs of each client and project. We use an agile work methodology ( Agile ) with which we accompany our clients throughout the project process, from its conceptualization, definition, development, publication, and subsequent support and maintenance.

If you are already using Magento in version 1, we can carry out the migration process of your online store to Magento 2 implementing the transition without problems so that you can use the optimized platform with minimal downtime.

At App Atlantis, we can be the solution provider for all your Magento requirements. We are your trusted Magento agency.

Frontend and backend design and development

At App Atlantis, thanks to our Design team, we can develop any Magento eCommerce with an attractive, modern design adapted to your needs.

Market research and consulting

Our expert consultants will investigate the market and target audience of your business to help your company optimize the results of your online store.

Digital Marketing Support in your Ecommerce

Our team of experts in Digital Marketing will help you in the implementation of effective strategies in your online store, improving the digital activity of eCommerce in its entirety, from SEO, SEM, and the conversion rate, to the user experience.

Server and eCommerce maintenance

To avoid performance problems or data loss, every eCommerce needs server maintenance. Our servers are designed to keep all types of online stores updated, secure, and running at optimal levels. We apply the WPO on all our servers.

Development of online stores in Magento

If you are looking for a provider to create a Magento online store, App Atlantis is the web design and development company you are looking for.

From  App Atlantis we work with Magento as an electronic commerce platform for the development of online stores for the following reasons:

  • If you choose to create your Magento virtual store, you will be choosing the most robust e-commerce platform on the market and the best for integration with your company’s business processes (ERP).
  • Magento is the best open-source solution. It allows adapting any virtual store to the needs of each eCommerce project.
  • The numerous configuration possibilities of the Magento eCommerce platform and its wide variety of available extensions allow online stores made with Magento to be adapted to the latest online shopping trends, facilitating notable improvements and increases in the benefits of online sales of the online store and offering buyers a unique shopping experience. At App Atlantis, an online store design company, we develop Magento B2C online stores (sale to the end customer), and also B2B (sale between companies). Do you need to create an online store, aligned with the latest trends in usability, improvement, and the achievement of online sales goals? Ask us for a budget without any commitment.

Magento, the most robust eCommerce platform for the development of online stores

Choosing a sales platform that allows you to scale and update it when your online business grows is a fundamental choice in any online business. At App Atlantis, as experts in the development of web pages and online sales platforms, we are committed to the Magento program for the creation of online stores.

Magento is an online sales platform trusted by major eCommerce stores. Its initial acquisition was by eBay and later it was acquired by Adobe, and the large community of Magento web developers guarantees a prosperous future for the web design of a modern online store and an online business adaptable to all your needs.

Magento is the leading platform to create your B2B / B2C online store. The best option for the development of virtual stores is to sell online.

At App Atlantiswe are specialists in Online Marketing for companies and we have the most advanced tools for eCommerce design and development on the market. If you want to create your online store in Magento, get in touch with us. We will wait for you!

We want to be your trusted Magento partner!