Mysteries of the Unseen World of The Seen Universe – The Light

Mysteries of the Unseen World of The Seen Universe - The Light

Light And Our Brain Processor

“The Light”, that is how we see the world around us. When something scatters some frequencies of light, our brain catches that wave of light radiation and in complex steps but simply calculates the wave frequency. And according to the saved data in memory, the brain gives us the information and the awareness about the object to our conscious mind. And unimportant to say the big and most complex algorithmic processor in the world compiles and calculates the greatest calculation of nature. We are doing incredibly complex calculations in our brain without having any conscious idea about the core facts of the fact around us.

Amazingly enough, our core brain knew what is the frequency of red light or blue light before we discovered it consciously. Actually, if we decode the core functional programs in mind we could be able to reveal half of the virtual mysteries in front of our eyes.

Light and Quantum Mechanics

But what if everything we see is not the exact world. Maybe an unseen hidden world is hidden in the seen world. Maybe some of you would say that is very normal. We don’t see virtually what is happening inside an atom. But, there is something that we really see virtually and consciously but we cannot guarantee the existence of that or the behavior/properties of that. Maybe the world we see does not actually look like how it is looking like really.

Think about that first creature that first time consciously could recognize or understood the beams of light from the only source of light, The Sun. What if somebody says that The Sun did not exist before the creature had observed The Sun. The Sun was in some other form but not in the form of the sun. Then the question comes in if the sun does not exist how the creature was created in the first place. Certainly, that doesn’t make any sense and anyone would hear these words can call the speaker “A Mad”.

But, something certainly strange happens in the tiny world. In the quantum world, in the experiment of the two slits, where only if we observe the electrons flow, using light beams just after passing the two slits, electrons behave like a particle as expected. And it behaves like a wave when we do not look at it. It seems like in the tiny level of nature, everything decides to depend on the observer or “The Light” (the wave relative to which we observe the behavior of electrons).

Does really light can change the behavior of the properties of the physical world around us? On the other hand, every electromagnetic radiation is composed of the photon. That is a particle. So, it is possible that not only waves but also matter have something to do with it. So, how does the observable world around us changes itself (at least from wave to particle and particle to wave) whenever we observe it. And what is nature really itself around us?

So, actually we are living in an “uncertain logical world”. Because the properties of the universe at a quantum level depends on the observer, then without understanding the world about what it is really, we can interact with it and can feel like everything is real. And this is how the world behaves to us. At least what we can expect is, one day we shall understand the mystery of double-slit experiments in detail. And we will understand what’s really making us fool, is it light or our brain.


So, the science that was known by our brain subconsciously is almost revealed now. And now we are in a complex scientific world where our subconscious mind is getting fool. Explaining things depending on the visual and conscious data, that process is over.