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The Hospital Management System is powerful software by App Atlantis Software, Inc. By using the latest technology, this Hospital Management System automates a hospital’s operations such as Patient Management, Finance or Account Management, Human Resource, Inventory Management, Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiology, Operation Theatre, Blood Bank, TPA, Ambulance Service, Reporting and many more.

Key Feature:
  • Easy understanding Iconic dashboard
  • Powerful ‘Search bar’ to find any info from database in a second.
  • Simple and user friendly interface, anyone can use who have minimum basic knowledge on computer.
  • Easy to learn within couple of minutes.
  • Reporting and Print feature for all categories.
  • Patient Management.
  • Finance or Account Management.
  • Human Resource.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • Bio-metric/Fingerprint attendance system for advance user.
Overview of the Institute Management System is given below.
Front Office
  • Manage Appointment
  • Visitor Book or visitor record
  • Phone Log for communication and marketing
  • Postal management for Received and Dispatched letter.
OPD (Out Patient Department)
  • This will cover non-admitted out patient or emergency patient.
  • Here, Patient General Info, Health Info, Symptoms, Causality, TPA, Consultant Doctor, payment will be enclosed in a digital form and keep record for future.
IPD (Inpatient Department)
  • This will cover admitted patient.
  • Software provide a Unique ID for patient along with Ward and Bed No.
  • Patient General Info, Health info, Symptoms, Causality, Consultant Doctor, Advance Payment, Due Payment, TPA, Available Credit will be enclosed in a digital form and keep record for future.
  • In this management option user can Generate Bill and Printing Bill for selling medicine.
  • User can add Medicine with their category, price, expire date many more feature.
  • Import of Medicine Database files also support.
  • This feature will provide user to manage all Pathology test.
  • Pathological test Include Name, Short Name, Category, Methodology, Unit, Reporting Day, Price etc.
  • Pathology Test Reports can be print.
  • This feature will provide user to manage all Radiology test.
  • Radiology test Include Name, Short Name, Category, Methodology, Unit, Reporting Day, Price etc.
  • Radiology Test Reports can be print.
Operation Theater
  • This category provide Administrative and Patient by digital recording of Operation Name, Operation Type, Operation Date, Consultant Doctor, Assistant Consultant, Anesthetist, Anesthesia Type, OT Technician, OT Assistant etc.
  • Printable reporting system also added here to make easy billing system.
Blood Bank
  • To provide safe Blood Transfusion this feature keep record for all group of blood with taking date and expire date.
  • Donner details database also added here for their honor.
Finance or Account Management
  • It’s a major part of this system. Here user can add hospital Income and Expense amount.
  • Each transaction kept in record with Unique Invoice ID, Assigned Person, Amount, Date etc.
  • Paper invoice also can be added as an Attachment.
  • All Statement can be print.
TPA (Third Party Administrator)
  • This is a part of Finance or Account Management.
  • Health Insurance processing organization name, contact person and contact details.
  • Patient will be benefited by declare Health Insurance info and Management will be benefited by avoid complexity.
  • Ambulance service comes with a Ambulance calling system
  • Ambulance Type, Vehicle Number, Vehicle Model, Driver information can be maintain.
Birth and Death Record
  • Birth Record covered Date of Birth, Child Name, Gender, Guardian Info etc.
  • Death Record explains Patient Type (OPD or IPD), Name, Gender, Death Date, Reason etc.
Human Resource
  • In this feature Administrative can Add, Remove, Manage Doctors, Employees according to their Designation, Department etc.
  • Manual Attendance system available here. Bio-metric/Fingerprint attendance system  can be added for advance user.
  • Payroll and Leaving option also included here.
  • Management can post a Digital Notice to all department of selective department.
  • E-mail and Text Message also available.
  • Patient and Inter Hospital person can receive message from management.
Download Center
  • From the download center any user can download document such as User Manual, Service Guide, Leave Application, Requisition form etc.
  • This is a Stock Management System for hospital essentials
  • It covered Item, Category, Supplier, Store Name, Quantity, Price, Purchase Date, Description, and Attach Document.
  • User can Issue an Item and can see availability of goods.
  • Inventory report can be print.
  • This is the Central Reporting System, Its covered all categories of this Hospital Management System, Such as:
  • Transaction Report, Appointment Report, OPD Report, IPD Report, Discharged Patient, Pharmacy Bill Report, Expiry Medicine Report, Pathology Patient Report, Radiology Patient Report, OT Report, Blood Issue Report, Blood Donor Report, TPA Report, Income Report, Income Group Report, Expense Report, Expense Group Report, Ambulance Report, Birth Report, Death Report, Payroll Month Report, Payroll Report, Staff Attendance Report, User Log, Patient Login Credential, Email / SMS Log, Inventory Stock Report, Inventory Item Report, Inventory Issue Report
  • This menu is very sensitive, above all features settings are managed from here.

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