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  • Easy and smart
  • Next Generation POS tool
  • Smart Inventory
  • Fast & Smooth
  • Profit loss reporting and analysis
  • Multiple payment methods/split payments.
  • User accounts and permissions. …
  • Mobile Registers. …
  • Customer-facing display. …
  • Bulk product imports. …
  • Product variants and composites. …
  • Barcodes. …
  • Stock and auto-filled orders.
  • Billing and order processing. …
  • Sales monitoring and reporting. …
  • Inventory and stock management. …
  • Cross channel returns management. …
  • Customer relationship and experience. …
  • Employee management.


What do you need to know about Restaurant management software?

What is Restaurant Management Software?

A restaurant management system could also be a kind of point of sale (POS) software specifically designed for restaurants, bars, food trucks, et al. within the foodservice industry. Unlike a POS system, RMS covers all back-end needs, like inventory and personnel management.

A Restaurant Management System (RMS) is an important tool for any new restaurant. These systems are designed to stay your restaurant running by tracking employees, inventory, and sales. A typical RMS setup generally includes both software and hardware like a register , barcode scanner, and receipt printer, counting on how your restaurant is organized. most significantly , an RMS may be a comprehensive tool that permits you to ascertain your restaurant and its needs at a look , which may simplify your day-to-day workload.
Many restaurant management systems are designed to simply integrate with other software applications, allowing you to customize a system that works well for your business. Here you’ll find everything you would like to understand to settle on your restaurant management system.

features of Restaurant management softwar

The next section looks at all the different features that come with restaurant management software. It looks at each feature individually, shows its benefits, and highlights why it is an important / useful part of the package.

POS system

What is it?

POS stands for Point of Sale and refers to the part of the customer journey. This part of the software will work with your checkout system to calculate the total cost of the service, deduct offers and apply discount codes, taking VAT and service charges into account in the process. Then you will send the access card / digital wallet payments to the payment service provider.

Because it is necessary?

This is probably the most essential element of restaurant management software, as it keeps an accurate account of all financial income and helps you calculate the amount of profit you made that day. It also helps you accurately calculate what to charge customers.

How can it benefit me?

Instead of asking your staff to mentally calculate the cost of each individual order, plus VAT, service charge, and any other cost factor, with 100% accuracy, technology can calculate it quickly and efficiently. This speeds up the process for your clients, while ensuring that the correct amount of money is exchanged. This feature is not only useful, it is essential.

Table handling

What is it?

Table management is an organizational system that manages reservations, reservations and table plans. It ties into your restaurant’s management system and allows customers to make reservations online, over the phone, or walking down the street.

Because it is necessary?

In addition to increasing efficiency, table management can lead to decreased administration, absences, and general disappointment. By providing a live view of table occupancy, you usefully organize your restaurant, allowing both staff and customers to know where and when spaces will be available.

How can it benefit me?

By sending an email confirmation for each reservation, the table management element of your system will provide clarity to both customers and staff. Automated text reminders and a clear cancellation structure also help take the guesswork out of organizing your guestbook.

Waiting list software

What is it?

Imagine the scene: it’s Valentine’s Day and your restaurant is full for the evening. However, anticipate cancellation or no-show. But don’t worry – with waiting list software, you can make sure your restaurant is constantly full of loved ones. Those customers who previously had not been able to reserve a table and are now on a waiting list will now be in luck if another reservation is canceled.

Because it is necessary?

On average, 20% of diners in cities will not show up for their reservations. This statistic could have a devastating impact on your bottom line, but what if we told you that there is a way to fill up those empty tables when annoying customers don’t show up? The waiting list software will keep a bank of clients arranged on your books, ready to take a spot if one is available.

A restaurateur’s dream is to be able to refill those tables that would otherwise be empty, as it saves money and keeps customers happy.

How can it benefit me?

Considering that the total cost of not showing up to UK pubs and restaurants is estimated to be £ 16bn annually, it is clear that your restaurant needs a backup plan.

Waitlist software can really help here. You will be able to access a later catalog of clients who wanted a table, with a view to filling the now empty space.

Inventory management

What is it?

Keeping track of stock – what’s in the coolers, what’s in the warehouse, what’s sold, what’s gone to waste – can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Fortunately, it is a task that you can completely avoid with the inventory management application that comes with many restaurant management systems.

Because it is necessary?

Surplus stock is almost as bad for business as not having enough. Unnecessary waste and having to store excess fresh produce is an inconvenience and too acute a reality for companies that do not have a proper method of managing and ordering fresh food for the kitchen.

Therefore, an inventory management system is essential to keep track of what’s in the closet efficiently and accurately, which means there will be no more post-shift inventory takes and costly ordering errors for your business. .

How can it benefit me?

Inventory management has great business benefits. You’ll save time and money buying products and determine what you’ll need (and when you’ll need it) before you even realize it’s out of stock.

Accounting program

What is it?

An element of restaurant management software that allows you to track your business account status live, to keep you updated on all your income and expenses. The accounting software will automatically create receipts, send invoices, and calculate taxes and VAT, without you or your staff having to lift a calculator.

Because it is necessary?

Accurate bookkeeping is essential to any successful business, but after a long day running a bar or restaurant, the last thing you want to do is review the day’s take-offs and meticulously calculate profits.

This is what makes accounting software a must: not only will it keep an accurate record of all cash flow, but it will take care of the ‘math’ side of things, giving you more time to run your business. .

How can it benefit me?

It goes without saying that accounting software will save time. One really cool benefit of this software is that it is generally cloud-based, so wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your accounts. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that things are working as usual, even when you are not around.

Food cost calculator

What is it?

A food cost calculator will automatically tell you how much a certain dish or recipe will cost and present an appropriate price for you to include on the menu.

Because it is necessary?

A food cost calculator is essential to ensure that you are not overcharged or undercharged for the food or drink (especially cocktails and complex dishes) you serve. A food cost calculator will ensure that you are getting a fair price for your products, which is essential to running a healthy hospitality business.

How can it benefit me?

More than a standard summation machine, a food cost calculator will also provide essential information (such as the nutritional value of foods), keep track of your suppliers, keep a recipe history, and offer a convenient cost log book on case you need it. to consult at any time.

It is a great advantage to have all these metrics in one accessible place. And on top of that, having software that will do the math for you will, of course, save you precious time.

Cash flow management

What is it?

Cash flow management is a tool that allows you to manage daily income and expenses, in addition to bank and credit card accounts. It is an intuitive system that provides an easy way to manage cash flow through daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Because it is necessary?

Cash flow management will help you plan, budget and forecast with confidence, keeping your balance current and your books under control.

How can it benefit me?

When it comes to getting comfortable with your cash flow, the benefits are endless. Not only will it give you maximum visibility (and therefore peace of mind), but it also uses historical data to produce financial forecasts, helping you know where you stand, both now and in the months to come.

Restaurant analysis

What is it?

Restaurant analytics extracts data that directly relates to your business (i.e. profit margins, cash flow, stocks, etc.) and compiles it into useful and easily digestible information in graph / table form.

The visual aspect of the data means it’s easy to see where things are going well and where they could be improved. You can also benefit from having statistical backing in the next trade you decide to make.

Because it is necessary?

Cash flow management is a vital time-saving tool for any demanding entrepreneur. Instead of having to create your own spreadsheets and visual data, the software will do it for you, saving you hours of painstaking work and providing useful business information.

How can it benefit me?

A great advantage of restaurant analytics software is that the data can be shared and understood. With the data visualized, it’s easy to show your team what is going well and what needs improvement, which is particularly good for meetings and presentations.

Employee management

What is it?

An employee management system is a way of organizing personnel records. This includes standard personal information (eg age, bank details, length of employment), but it also allows you to track progress and mark any concerns in an accessible place so they can be easily addressed.

Employee management can also show who’s on duty and when, while keeping a note of vacations taken and general information about turnover.

Because it is necessary?

It is important to know what is happening with your staff, so that they feel valued and you feel safe in your team. Employee management means that you can keep track of the “face” of your company, that is, those who will deal directly with clients and represent your company.

How can it benefit me?

Employee management is a great accountability tool, as it clearly shows who is on duty and when. This means that if something goes disastrously wrong (or fabulously right), you will know who is responsible.

Restaurant management software benefits

There are many benefits of restaurant management software. The next top five are the cremé de la cremé of things to look forward to when investing in restaurant management software.

1. Reliable sales and tax reports

Make sure your accounting is on top of the table with accurate reporting on your income and expenses. A restaurant management system will also make sure those complicated tax calculations are done automatically, so you can put the calculator aside and let your software do the rest.

2. Intuitive and easy-to-use technology

Hospitality has a high staff turnover rate, and you probably have several staff members on your books who are working odd shifts here and there. Training each individual in how to use complex and outdated systems would be both time consuming and impractical.

That’s where restaurant management software comes in. Provides a self-explanatory and easy-to-use interface, so regardless of the size of your team, you know that when it comes to ordering and charging customers, your staff will be able to navigate the register with confidence. .

3.Provide personalized service with ease

A restaurant management system will have built-in customer relationship management tools, so you can see who’s coming back for seconds over and over again. This means that it is easy to generate loyalty cards and discount codes, as well as to create gift cards and special offers.

Customers with a gift card will typically visit a store more than once to use up the full balance, and will typically spend 35% more than what is on the card in the first place. To take full advantage of this potential profit margin, it is important that you have a strong enough system to support those benefits, i.e. restaurant management software.

4.Inventory management

Another great benefit of restaurant management software is that it will tell you what you have, let you know when you need to place an order, and in some cases, it will even automatically order for you. This saves a lot of time and means that you will always have a refrigerator full of fresh produce, so you can provide the highest level of service possible.

5. Personnel management

Knowing who worked, when, what orders made by whom, and which staff members will work which shift, all through software accessible anytime, anywhere via the cloud, is absolutely invaluable for any discerning business owner.

Personnel management makes it easy to identify your star employees and see what areas of your team need to work on, so you can create the most efficient, cohesive and dynamic team that is perfectly suited to every shift that comes their way.

Restaurant management software: a case study

To really understand the benefits that restaurant management software can bring to a small business, contacted Ziaur Choudhrey, owner of Montaz, a successful restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine.

Check out the questions and answers for a real-life account of what it’s like to use restaurant management software to run a business:

What are the biggest benefits of using restaurant management software?

“The speed and the efficiency. It has really transformed the way we handle our orders at Montaz Restaurant. At the touch of a button, the front of the house is in communication with the kitchen and ultimately makes our billing accurate, a really important feature for when we’re busy.

How did you choose your system?

“We were looking for a system that really understood the Indian restaurant market, as well as how restaurants generally operate and what their technology needs are. We also knew we needed a quick and easy-to-use EPOS setup, as well as laptops and touch machine readers. ”

What advice can you give to other restaurants looking to invest in restaurant management software?

“My advice would be to make a list of what your requirements are and present them to the companies you go to see. How does each company respond to the letter and understand the operation of its restaurant? Price is also important, as is maintenance support.

Also, keep an eye out for customer support packages. Knowing that we have engineers just a phone call away if something goes wrong gives us great peace of mind that IT won’t let us down on a busy Saturday night! ”

A good POS (point of sale) system can transform the way your business accepts payments and processes orders. Take a look at our best hospitality POS systems for restaurants and bars if you are interested in learning more.

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