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Sun's Source of Energy - App Atlantis

The Sun’s Energy – What is the source of Sun’s Energy | Complete Explanation in 5 Minutes

Sun’s Energy – Introduction The Sun’s Energy. If you were to ask the next five people you meet, “What is the most important object in the sky?,” most people would say our Sun. The reasons for the Sun’s importance are many, including that it provides light to warm Earth’s surface, it provides the energy that […]

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life on mars - App Atlantis

Life on Mars – Is Life Really Possible on Mars? | Life & Mars Mystery, Explained in 10 Minutes

Introduction Life on Mars, a great quest of life in modern times. If life evolved on Earth from nonliving organic molecules, might the same process have taken place elsewhere in our solar system? Scientists have carefully scrutinized the planets and satellites in an attempt to answer this question, and most of the answers so far […]

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Earth's Magnetic Field - App Atlantis

Earth’s Magnetic Field – How Magnetosphere Protects Life of Earth | Explained in 5 Minutes

Introduction The Earth’s magnetic field is Magnetosphere. The extent of a planet’s dynamic resurfacing due to plate tectonics provides indirect evidence about whether it still has a molten interior. But another, more direct tool for probing the interior of Earth is an ordinary compass, which senses the magnetic field outside our planet. Magnetic field measurements […]

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Tectonic Plates and Continents - App Atlantis

How Tectonic Plates Work & How Continents are Made – Explained in 5 Minutes

Introduction Tectonic Plate study is a Fantastic topic of modern Earth Science. When looking at the shape of the ocean between the continents of Africa and South America, one naturally wonders if the two continents were closer together in the past. What evidence would you need to be convinced that the two were at one […]

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