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Introduction – What Was Before The Big Bang?

Whenever we think or discuss Big Bang Explosion (Though it was not “Explosion”), it is a common question of fact to raise in mind is, What Was Before The Big Bang? Today in App Atlantis Blog you learn this scientific but more philosophical fact, “What Was Before The Big Bang”. Whatever will be described here is mostly hypothesis.

If you’re searching for a concrete answer, prepare to be frustrated. People are asking this question for thousands of years. Back then it was religious thinkers. Today its physicists. And even though we all know many more about the beginning currently, we haven’t gotten that much better at The Before.

Historical Ideology

Imagine you’re sitting in an armchair, superglued to the seat, looking at a brick wall. The wall is thus tall you can’t see over it, very thick you can’t hear through it, very strong you can’t break it doesn’t matter what you throw. What’s on the other side?

For example, here’s an answer from the 300s (yes, the 300s!) by a religious thinker named St. Augustine: before God created heaven and earth, He created nothing. For if He did, what did He create? He’s saying that once God created all these things, he conjointly created space and time itself. Asking what happened before time existed might not even make sense.

Scientifical Ideology of Today

Like the idea of 300 years ago, on the question of What Was Before The Big Bang, our answer nowadays is generally an equivalent, however, we can be more precise. We know — beyond any shred of doubt — that the Universe is getting bigger, that all its galaxies are moving away from each other, and that everything used to be very, very close together. We know that there was a time when all heat and the whole of the mass of everything that has ever existed was packed smaller than an atom. You can think about the baby Universe as an awfully hot, very heavy marble.
When things get that small, that hot, that dense, our normal approach breaks down. Any clues from before the Big Bang — any fingerprints or echoes — got garbled up and mixed with virtually everything else. No matter how sensible our telescopes, we can’t see through that infinitely tiny hole into The Before.

And currently, the question is more philosophical than scientific. Here we are in deep curiosity and, sitting on this side of a cosmic brick wall, with no way to ever interact with the other side. So what’s on the other side?
If you want, you can say the question is meaningless: as far as we’re concerned, there may as well be no other side. But that’s no fun. A better way to look at it is that no answer is wrong.

An Example  – What Was Before The Big Bang?

If I ask you a question, “What color may be a Taga?” then you can perhaps answer “gold” or “blue-green” or “heliotrope” and you’ll be right if that’s how you decide to outline a Taga. So you can put whatever you want on the other side of that cosmic brick wall and you’ll be just as right as anyone in this Universe can ever be.

Two More Logical Options For The Answer

For the answer to What Was Before The Big Bang, We have two more options, and we can then decide which option is more reasonable, more likely, than the other.
The first option, “Option 1,” is that there was nothing at all; there was a “null state”, lacking even a probabilistic possibility that anything could arise from the null state. This option runs directly contrary to current scientific, mathematical, and logical thought.

The second option, “Option 2,” is that there was some “state of affairs” in which the possibility of our universe arising was greater than zero. Note that this “state of affairs” cannot itself be logically/causally preceded by a “null state,” because if that were the case, we would be back at “Option 1,” which as we saw runs directly contrary to current scientific, mathematical, and logical thought.

Godly Ideology – What Was Before The Big Bang

Given our available options, the more reasonable choice is “Option 2,” which entails that there is something that can  “not be,” something eternal, something “from everlasting to everlasting.” There never was, and never can be a “null state.”

Theists contend that this “eternal something,” this “eternal state of affairs” from which all possibilities arise, is best conceived as self-aware, purposeful, loving, not arbitrarily constrained within any physical-spatial-temporal dimensions, not arbitrarily constrained in causal efficacy, not arbitrarily constrained in the capacity to process and manage information. This is the “God Option.”

This “God Option” is currently the best “working hypothesis” yet conceived; non-theists have never provided a viable option that is more likely, more reasonable, than the “God Option.” Moreover, the choice to start with the “God Option” entails logical consequences that are quite different than the logical consequences of any “non-God Option.”

This is the possible logic of What Was Before The Big Bang. If you have enjoyed this blog, you can check more of our science blogs here in this link.