Wormhole and Black Hole – The distinction of Two Mysterious Thing

Wormhole and Black Hole - The distinction of Two Mysterious Thing - App Atlantis

Wormhole and Black hole, Are They Same?

For beginner levels, loves astronomy or physics, have the question in their mind so often. Wormhole and Black hole are not the same, though the two concepts are related. Though there are few facts all over the internet nowadays. But we try our best to describe the simplest way.

Black Hole

A black hole can be considered a gravity well or space portal. Extremely warped space fabric, gravity, spirals at the speed of light into the black hole forcing any nearby energy into the black hole. They lead to other dimensions of space where energy particles are recycled and sent throughout all dimensions of space renewing itself, including its fabric

Though we’ve not determined a part directly, we are pretty certain of their existence. There are binary star systems where one of the two stars is invisible, but its presence is clearly indicated by its gravity and its influence on the other star. There are also presumed supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, including our own Milky Way, and its gravitational properties make it pretty much impossible for it to be anything else other than a black hole. Furthermore, we even have a fairly good understanding of the physics of stellar collapse that leads us to understand the creation of black holes.


Wormhole, on the other hand, Wormholes are theoretical concepts. We have zero evidence of their existence. A hole or the Einstein Rosen bridge will be pictured as a tunnel with 2 ends, every at separate points in spacetime completely different locations and/or different points of time. If you’re thinking that of a black hole as a puncture within the fabric of spacetime, a wormhole is two such punctures sewn together. So if you enter one, instead of ending up crushed to bits the singularity, you exit the other and vice versa. The other puncture may be a very large distance away (allowing travel through space much faster than the speed of light), or it may even be in another universe. The idea of a wormhole comes from the fact that Nothing is perfectly flat or solid. If you look closely enough at one thing you’ll realize holes and wrinkles in it.

So, it is now already you may have been understood the distinction between wormhole and black hole.

Wormhole and Black hole – The Distinction

Unlike black holes, wormholes aren’t essentially mathematically stable constructs of spacetime. All sorts of weird things have to happen in order for them to exist for anything more than a wink of an eye and to be traversable. Moreover, the notion of traveling through a wormhole is fraught with significant difficulties, not the least of which would be the extreme tidal forces or the possibility that the attempt to travel through it would cause the wormhole to collapse. Not to mention that a traversable wormhole could, in principle, be used as a time machine, leading to issues with causality.

In Conclusion

Anyhow, the TLDR version is: Black holes are generally accepted, conventional physics, wormholes are highly speculative physics, but the two are related in the sense that they are both extreme examples of possible geometries in spacetime under general relativity.